Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This is the first post in a series I'm going to do about renewing, refreshing, and cleaning out your wardrobe!

This first step is to pick out some basics from your wardrobe! I know I have about a billion "basics" in my wardrobe when I only wear about 10 of them. So pick out a few of your favorites (the most interesting ones) and get rid of the rest! Keep a black tank top, a white tank top, a few plain t-shirts (perhaps with a lace detail like the one above), a few pairs of jeans, a few plain jackets, and make sure you have a nice pair of black heels! Besides that get rid of the rest! You'll never wear all of the ones you have. Donate them! There are tons of people who would love to have the clothes you're not even wearing!

Next tip coming tomorrow!! x. Jill.


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