Thursday, November 17, 2011

I finally found time last night to put a few items onto my christmas wishlist. My mom told me she's got buying me too many pieces of clothing (booooo) this year because she has some other big things in mind, but I decided to send her a few things anyway.

The thing you see on here are from either Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, which are my two favorite stores. The shoes are pretty easy. Two pairs of sneaks which I LOOOVE and the a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's. I know. I'm predictable.

A trend you'll probably see is Chiffon, also not surprising since I am obsessed with Chiffon right now. Two surprises, however, might be the tshirt, since I'm not a huge tshirt girl, and the pants, since the only pants I ever wear are jeans. The shirt I just though was sort of cool and edgy, but the pants are a bit of a risk for me. I couldn't stop going back to them, so I decided to throw them in there. Maybe someone will pick them up for me.

Can't wait until Thanksgiving!! It's getting closer!!! x. Jill.


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