Monday, November 14, 2011

My last post in refreshing and renewing your closet! Now that we've cleaned out our closet and saved the clothes that are best for us we can go ahead and put everything back inside our closet in the most organized way possible!

You want to start by fixing up your closet a bit. Right now my closet has one long shelf at the top and then the normal bar to hang my clothes on. It works well enough for now, but I'm redoing it very soon (pictures when I'm done). Put some shelves up, add some lights, and don't be afraid to decorate in there! It's the place where you store you clothes. It's okay to want to be inspired by the place where you store to tools to creating individuality.

Once you have that out of the way you can start putting your clothes back in. I suggest organizing by type first. Shirts together, pants together, dresses together, skirts together, the list goes on and on. Once you have everything organized then go back in and organize by color. This is going to make it SUPER easy to find things. If you want you can even do it by length of the shirt (crop tops, regular length, then tunics).

I hope all of these tips in this series were super helpful!! If you redo your closet take some pictures and send them to me in a comment! I would love to get some ideas for when I redo my room in a few weeks!! :)

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