Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It still blows my mind that I walk around school, the mall, or any other public place where people gawk and see girls substituting leggings for pants. It doesn't matter how thick they are or how nice you think your butt is, it's awkward for everyone.

Leggings are leggings, and when worn the right way they look great. Nicole Richie above is an excellent example to wear leggings the correct way. You can wear your short shorts from summer in the winter still by adding tights or leggings!! Leggings are a wardrobe enhancer- NOT a substitute for your favorite skinny jeans. The rule for leggings is they must cover both front and back completely. It could be a long shirt, a skirt, shorts, whatever. Just hide the goods.

Lets face it, no one wants to be "that girl", and I mean in the picture above. I think we've all seen that in real life, and it's terrifying. Yes they're comfortable, but instead of using leggings as pants, go out and find a pair of black pants that are made for that specific purpose. I live by my black skinny jeans, they're comfortable and can be worn with almost anything.

Please ladies, take my warning!! Do the right thing for all humanity.
:o) meg


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